Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Auntie Em Helps with the Pink Uber-Swaddle

Elias Explores the Maternity Ward and Finds a Fish Tank

Gabe Regales Marin with a Song

Elias Is a Proud Big Brother

Elias Shares Secrets with His Sister

The Gray Kids

Gabe and Elias Kiss Their Sister

Grandpa Gets a Turn

Grandma Susan Holds Marin

Marin, More Alert Than We've Seen Her Before

Grandma Phyllis Drops In

Dr. Doug Pays a Visit

Grandma Sharon Visits

Gabriel and Elias snuggle with their sister

Marin, morning 1

Marin, morning 1, originally uploaded by graykevin.

Marin proved to be a heavy sleeper last night, which was great for
mom and dad (although the nurses woke mom up pretty much every hour--something dad was able to sleep through).

Both G and M have been poked and prodded by the docs and nurses. Everyone looks good, albeit tired. Looking forward to seeing our boys!

Marin in the recovery room (photo 4)

Marin in the recovery room (photo 3)

Marin in the recovery room (photo 2)

Marin in the recovery room (photo 1)

Marin Elizabeth Gray arrives!

Marin Elizabeth Gray was born on June 23rd at 5:41 pm. She weighed 8 lbs, 3 oz and is 20 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well.

Pics to follow, or view them on my Flickr site: